mining programmi di ricompensa

Pi Network

Iscriviti attraverso un link di riferimento per guadagnare più monete pi per ora


Accedi ogni giorno per ottenere Bitcoin. Completa offerte e sondaggi per ottenere ancora più Bitcoin!


Play and receive 25% from referrals' profit and 15% from in-game purchases.


What Do I Get When Someone Uses My Code? You will receive a 50% bonus relative to your referee's Salad earnings. What Does The Person Using My Code Get? Using your promo code will grant your referee a 2x earning rate bonus until they've reached $4 earned.

Fire Faucet

Refer your friends and earn 20% of all coins claimed by your referrals!

Eagle Network

Your bonus from teammates depends on what they earn. If all are on nest plan you earn less than team with more upgraded plans. Team A 12 teammates All on nest plan 12 x 0.5 = 6 25% of 6 = 1.5 You are on nest plan - 0.5 So you earn daily = 1.5+0.5 Team A you get - 2 Eagle/day Team B 12 teammates All on Gold plan 12 x 12 = 144 25% of 144 = 36 You are on gold plan - 12 So you earn daily = 12 + 36 Team B you get - 48 Eagle/day offers 50% referral commission for friends you bring who play the Free Bitcoin (BTC) game.


Similarly, Midoin’s value will depend on what’s called the “network effect” so, the number of Midoins that you earn will mostly depend on the number of friends you have invited. Referred users: 5x mining boost

Horizen faucet

Visit Horizen faucet website every 20 hours and claim free ZEN tokens.

Alpha Network

Enter the referral code upon registration and get 1 free Alpha Coin.