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Share your referral link and earn 5% of all offers completed by your users - including name bonuses. Your referred users will also receive 100 coins as a welcome bonus.


Add a referral code to your account to get $10 added to your account, and to give the friend that referred you $10.

Faucet Crypto

Share your referral link with your friends and earn a percentage of all their earnings for lifetime!


Sign up and complete 1 task (excluding videos)


For every friend you refer, you get £3 of referral credits and your friends will receive a FREE can of Pringles on their app!


Share your referral links with friends and you'll earn points when they reach 1000 points. In addition, they'll earn 500 free points when they sign up with your invite code.


Earn $10 per invite You gain an invite when someone clicks your link AND signs up to Paid2Tap By getting invites, you are making it easier for you to earn. You will earn 20% of your invites earnings.


Sign someone up and they receive 10% of the earnings the referral generates for life (at no cost to the referral).

Money Tree Rewards

Referee signs up and then enters the code sent. Receives 100pts after completing a task. There is a team bonus coming soon.


Clicknox offers a payout bonus when you withdraw your money using referrals, each referral earns you $5 bonus. Cash out at $100