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Earn $2 on Streetbees when you use a referral code


Our members haven't found much information on YouGov's referral program. Feel free to submit more details or clarify YouGov offers for other members benefit.

Survey Junkie

When you sign up through a referral link, Bonus Junkies gives you a $30 jumpstart. You must meet a few task and referral requirements to cash out for the first time. After your first payment is fully paid you won't have to meet more requirements.


Online Design Templates. When you refer friends to Canva, and they create their first design, you’ll both get Canva Credits as a reward. You can earn up to 20 Canva Credits this way. Canva credits can be redeemed for premium images from the library – the best photos, icons, and illustrations that Canva has to offer. You can redeem your credits when you download or share your design.


For each friend that signs up with us and completes 7 surveys, you will earn an additional 500 points! They will earn 500 points too!

Branded Surveys

Get 50 points every time you refer an Active Elite Silver member.


When you refer a friend to 1Q, you will get paid 25¢ instantly for each member when they register with your 1Q referral link.

The invitee receives $50 that they can use on autopilot to receive cashback from their marketing robot. The inviter receives 5% cashback on all their invitee's future purchases.


Take surveys and receive MSR that is converted to real money. 50 MSR is equal to 0.50 cents. Need minimum $10 to cash out.


Get 15% from your partners' advertising spend and 25% from their earnings! There is no sign up bonus for new users, but when an existing user refers to the site then the above mentioned reward kicks into play. It's a great site for generating more social media followers and traffic.